NOTE: We are moving our Gloweave Warehouse to a new location. There will be no orders shipping between the dates of Friday the 23rd of Feb and Friday the 16th of March. We have activated Free Shipping on all orders between those dates. We apologise for any inconvenience, if you need any urgent help regarding stockists please refer to the FIND A STORE page, or contact us on 03 9419 1600. Thank you for your patience and continuing support during this time.

About Gloweave

Gloweave designs, sources, manufactures and merchandises men's and women's clothing. It has been known as an established shirt specialist since 1944.

Today, Gloweave is known for its innovation and quality of manufacture across a number of brands including Gloweave Mens, Gloweave Womens, Bodyshirt and Brooksfield. The company has fostered a unique, worldwide network of design resources. Within this network there is an active sharing of information on all aspects of business. The resulting market intelligence and trend information has proved invaluable to Gloweave.

The Gloweave men's business is based on a comprehensive Stock Service Programme. Our aim is to provide a reliable, quick response system and, to this end, we constantly review our stock handling systems to provide our customers with the best service possible.